Building a Better Web Page

People write tomes of information on how to build an better website. Sort of like the old adage you cant see the tree in the forest…  ok… that is backwards, but you get the idea.  Most seem to neglect the individual web page.  When you boil it all down…

Its all about that ONE page.

When developing content for you website you need to consider each page individually. Each one is a sales tool that will need to push the visitor to contact your or perform a specific action. Remember, a visitor can land on any given page.

In order to effectively accomplish this, we need to know two critical things:

We want each page to target a specific buyer personal and… you guessed it… have a specific value proposition.  This information will allow us to develop content specifically targeted to our buyer persona that delivers our value proposition and sets them on the path of reaching one of our defined goals.  Goals are what we want our visitor to do on every page.

When you are writing a piece of content, what is the primary marketing objectiveAdd a Tooltip Text you have in delivering this knowledge to the world?  Do you want them to call you?  Buy something? Sign-up for something?