Automation Tools

Marketing your business is a time consuming job…

…this is an obvious statement considering that the most successful businesses have at least one full time marketing person.

Our platform, whether you have a marketing department or you don’t, offers a suite of tools that will help you safely automate a nice chunk of your marketing work.

Toolbox of Marketing Plugins

To help augment your marketing efforts your website will be equipped with:

  • Social marketingYou know how effective word of mouth is… ┬áThere in lies the strength in social media.
  • Events managerThe Evens manager allows you to plan, schedule and book various event types.
  • Availability calendarNeed to publically mark time as “Booked”?
  • Affiliate systemWhat about paying people to promote your business?
  • Chat areaA public chat area on your site for open discussions.
  • Fully featured questions and answers sectionFAQ’s are extremely popular and easy to navigate.

You will have a say in the direction we develop our toolbox!

As part of our community of business owners, you will have a say in the direction we develop our toolbox!
As we grow, we will be offering more and more services to our customers and we will be listening to what our community want’s developed!
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