Marketing Consultant Variety

There are different streams in the world of marketing today.  If marketing is your dream job and you are vying to be a savvy marketing consultant one day you might as well benefit from knowing which are those jobs in demand and what kind of skills you need, to get you there.

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention says Seth Godin one of America’s greatest marketers. There is much truth to the statement. However the present day customer is very knowledgeable. The internet has also opened to him a wider market with many more options to buy from. What this means is that you have about 10 seconds to catch a potential customer’s roving eye.

In this scenario it makes sense to be fully equipped with a skill set which will equip you to deliver what the customer seeks. The article looks at the kinds of marketing consultant jobs in demand today and how you could prepare yourself to become one or more of these types.

The small business advisor

This kind of consultant primarily work as PR consultants and focus on building a company’s image .They will aim to make a business the most happening event in town .

They mainly focus on small business: Local grocery shops, spas, restaurants etc. Because these shops have a local presence, the idea is to be in physical touch as much as possible.

The internet caters to a much wider audience and reach. This kind of reach is not the target for a small sized business. Therefore the emphasis is to attract customers by physical incentives like coupons, newspaper advertising and co branding with other local business. (E.g. a garage might be keeping pamphlets of the car spa which is running a discount scheme currently)

Client acquisition specialist

These consultants aim at targeting clients who have very specific needs .Such a target audience is very focused on their needs and know what they are looking for. Example of the client list include: lawyers, investment agents and real estate agents.

These consultants look at attracting target audience through PPC (Pay per Click) advertising, web advertising or magazine and newspaper advertising

The SEO consultant and the PPC consultant

These internet marketing consultants specialize in two very different areas of the marketing. If you want your website to be prominently displayed in any web search you need to employ a SEO consultant to get you there.

SEO techniques make use of website elements such as titles, menus, images and keywords to increase your exposure. An SEO consultant will use techniques for web design which will ensure that the website figures in the top searches. If you are looking at optimizing web design elements to so that your website is easily found by prospective clients than  an SEO consultant might be the one you would need to hire .

If however you are looking at only leading qualified prospects to your website than Use the Pay Per click model. Pay per click means that business pays for the ad only when a prospective client clicks on it. PPC is used when you are aiming to reach a target audience who are looking for a specific service only.

The branding advisor

Brand advisors help to identify the methods which will ensure that the company gets an identity and remain in the minds of the customers .They help you to identify the right audience for your products and the right kind of message to get to your target audience .They will also study the competition and determine what is the best strategy for the company to launch their products so that they get noticed. They will help bring an outsider’s perspective of what is unique about the company, to define the value proposition.

Brand advisors also advise on how to maximize your reach and also on how to measure the money you are spending on advertisement against the conversions that you are getting.

They will help identify the strategy to maximize on new marketing opportunities in real time.

The integrated social media specialist

This kind of marketing consultant is the best of the breed and often has worked on one or more of the above disciplines.

This person will help your company grow from a status of no online presence to figuring prominently on search engines.

Social Media consultant helps you in increasing your visibility on internet. Whether it be designing the firm’s Facebook account, getting the Twitter page ready, putting promotional videos on You Tube and so on…Social Media Managers create an online marketing plan using the components of the Social Media.

The result is that you figure prominently on the list of searches a customer makes for a related product. They will help to regulate traffic to your web page and also increase the conversion rate using effective web design elements.

Consequently this increases customer loyalty and help you to reach the profits levels that you have been targeting.

Refer this for a look into some service providers in the world of internet marketing and the kind of service that they offer:

Which one do you want to be?

This entirely depends on your interest and the skills set that you already possess. The ideal marketing consultant in today’s world is a mixture of all these disciplines and eventually the senior most people in the marketing world will be a hybrid of all streams

However do keep in mind that the learning process would be a lengthy one and it would take several mistakes before you end up being the dream marketing consultant.