Website Marketing – The Importance of Keyword Research

One of the most important aspects of website marketing is keyword research.

It is fundamental and if not done properly, it can totally undermine an entire campaign and all the work done is likely to be a waste of time.

So, how to find keywords is extremely important detailed and involved process.

There are many places where keyword phrases can be researched, some free, some incur a cost. It is very possible to research keywords without paying for a specialized keyword tool, and for beginners it is actually recommended to do so. As keyword research is so important, it is a very good idea to act as an apprentice and search them the long and hard way. That way, a clearer and more concise understanding on how they work and what the data means becomes far more meaningful. Once the basics are mastered, then one can purchase a good keyword tool and gain significant time savings.

This article will deal with the free Google keyword tool and how to interpret some of its most important data. Google is the number one search engine, therefore it makes sense to make use of the data it can provide.

So, the basic procedure on how to find keywords for website marketing is thus:

1. Go to the Google keyword tool Keyword Planner. You will need a Google account.

2. Enter a keyword you feel pertains to the web site you wish to create or market.

3. On the left hand side, deselect the term ‘broad’, but instead select ‘exact’. The results presented will be for exact searches for your keyword. Broad means that your keyword could be present in a longer keyword phrase.

It is better to see this data, the figures will be less, but they are a worse case scenario because there could be more searches within the broad search results. Try both, and compare the results for yourself.

4. Click on advanced options and select the location(s) and language most pertinent to your requirements.

5. You may also select which medium the searches have been made on. Mobile internet access is becoming more popular by the day than traditional desktop or laptop usage for example. If you’re creating a mobile web site, you may wish to change this search parameter.

6. Type in the capta letters to prove you are human and then press search.

7. Once the results are displayed, you should see a box with your original search term in. On the right hand side, there are two columns, one stating global monthly searches, the other local monthly searches. Global is the number of searches for the keyword across the world, local is for the locations set in stage 4.

8. Below this box, is another larger box containing further keyword ideas based on your original search.

9. Decide which search results are best for you, global or local and click on this header to sort it. The column will now be sorted in descending order. To put it into ascending order, click the header again.

10. The next stage is to pick the keywords with the most searches. There is a problem with this because although they have the most searches, the chances are other sites are already optimized for them, so it is necessary to find out how many.

11. Copy any keyword phrase that interests you, open up another window in your browser and go to Paste the keyword phrase in and put quotes around it. Hit search.

12. The results will be displayed and immediately below the search box will be a number. This is the competition, the number of web sites that are optimized for this term.

13. In essence, anything below 60,000 searches will make a good keyword phrase to optimize for. With careful on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) along with article marketing for the phrase means you stand a good chance of getting ranked in the top 5 of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

14. Go through each keyword phrase and try to match high search rates with low competition rates. These are the best keywords for your campaign and website.

The more keywords you can find and then create pages on both your web site and off page content (such as article marketing, blogging etc), the more door ways you open up to your site. This is the very foundation of website marketing, if done poorly, then everything that is based on it will fail; if done well, then your chances of success are good.

  • Really great break down for people. There’s so much junk about keywords it’s tough to get some solid foundations sometimes. I actually made my way here as a result of seeing Christine’s comments a few other places – I’m really impressed. I can definitely see the value of the product and the information you guys are starting to drop. Keep it up!

    • christine_wilson

      Hey Nunzio, thanks for the comment and glad you are liking the posts. We are looking forward to making this a great repository of knowledge for website businesses. Comments and suggestions always welcome. Cheers!