Museum Marketing:
More Needed Than Ever

Museum Marketing: More Needed Than Ever

Museum marketing has moved from denial to discovery. Not until the 1980s was marketing recognised as important to museums’ sustainability. This leads to the question of whether museums can afford not to see their audience in a marketing light. – Museum Marketing Research: From Denial to Discovery?, Deakin University

Pressure from declining public funding and increased accountability are leading museums to increase their marketing efforts in order to grow visits, subscriptions and sales. One of the most efficient and low cost methods is through online marketing. However most online platforms are not created for the nuances of museum marketing which means the platform can be overly complex or even worse not offer the services you need most!

This is the niche we look to serve: Your unique museum marketing needs. We’ve created a system that easily lets you add all the functionality you want on your website: donations, merchandizing, event planning, multimedia and much more.

Interested but not sure? Our A la carte marketing services make it easy and affordable to test out our capabilities!  Shop for your success in our a la carte marketing store!

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