Content Creation – The Sky is the limit… THAT is the problem.


One of the problems with content creation is that that “Sky is the limit”. Typically we find ourselves looking up at the sky trying to figure out where to start.  These unlimited options end up being an albatross around our neck that limits our publishing abilities.

There are basically two ways we can approach this.  We can take a bunch of small posts and combine them into an ebook, video or webinar or we can start with a juicy content piece, ebook, video or webinar and spin off  all our social media from that!

I personally like to take the big juicy content piece (or pieces if the topic is important enough) and spin everything from that one piece.

 Develop your Content Marketing Blueprint

So once the topic is selected, build out a blueprint like the one above to help you plan your campaign.  Then start flushing out the content for each bubble in your blueprint.  You can then start a timeline for when and how each should be executed.

The sky may be the limit but I need Content IDEAS!

So where I like to get started on ideas for a blog / whitepaper / webinar / video content is my Web Analytics!  Look at all of your organic searches over the past 12 months or so and start looking through them so you can see what your visitors are looking to learn.  This is beneficial because:

  1. You are already getting some organic traffic for these types of terms
  2. You are working to provide your visitors WHAT they are searching for

This is a total win win situation.