Content Creation – The Sky is the limit… THAT is the problem.


One of the problems with content creation is that that “Sky is the limit”. Typically we find ourselves looking up at the sky trying to figure out where to start.  These unlimited options end up being an albatross around our neck that limits our publishing abilities.

There are basically two ways we can approach this.  We can take a bunch of small posts and combine them into an ebook, video or webinar or we can start with a juicy content piece, ebook, video or webinar and spin off  all our social media from that!

I personally like to take the big juicy content piece (or pieces if the topic is important enough) and spin everything from that one piece.

 Develop your Content Marketing Blueprint

So once the topic is selected, build out a blueprint like the one above to help you plan your campaign.  Then start flushing out the content for each bubble in your blueprint.  You can then start a timeline for when and how each should be executed.

The sky may be the limit but I need Content IDEAS!

So where I like to get started on ideas for a blog / whitepaper / webinar / video content is my Web Analytics!  Look at all of your organic searches over the past 12 months or so and start looking through them so you can see what your visitors are looking to learn.  This is beneficial because:

  1. You are already getting some organic traffic for these types of terms
  2. You are working to provide your visitors WHAT they are searching for

This is a total win win situation.

Defining your value proposition


This is a question that meets you whenever you are trying to sell something. Whether it is a new insurance plan or the next big shot idea to impress your boss, everyone wants to know what they will get out of it.

Your kids want to know what they will get out of the vacation that you have planned for the weekend. Will it be a fun filled one or one of your boring office get togethers that you disguise as holiday?

Your client wants to know whether the new investment that you promise high returns on, is definitely worth all the money he is putting in. What will he get and how much will he make?

The answer to the question that you face is your value proposition.  The answer that sells your offering to your target audience.

[box]Value proposition defines the value that your product offers to the customer.  It clearly defines the results that your customer will get using your product or service[/box]

It tells them:

  • What you can offer.
  • How it will solve their problem or increase their comfort levels.
  • Why they should buy only from you and not from the competition.

Before you pitch in to answer your questions first view the solution as the customer sees it.  As Charles Kettering, a famous inventor once said “A problem well stated is a problem half-solved”.  It is important that you understand the problem well and then offer a solution.

Second, put it in a language that is easy to understand. If your statements are abstract and not conclusive about what is it that you are offering, then you need to relook them urgently.

Talk about small wonders. Discuss the small things which add to the value of the deal that you are offering e.g. a money back guarantee, a free gift, free shipping, free exchange and so on.

Building your Value Proposition. Your value proposition should be built keeping in mind the following points

  1. Your product name: what is it, what does it do.
  2. Two or three points about how it benefits
  3. Who is your target audience
  4. Add a relevant picture or a logo which remains in the reader’s mind.

What your Value proposition should not be. Here is a list of things you should avoid when you are working on your value proposition.

  • Don’t use jargon that is inconclusive of what you do.
  • Don’t put in a video and expect people to sit through it. Most people won’t. Clearly written text is a must. A video should only be supplementary to increase interest.
  • Text format should be reader friendly. Use a comfortable font size.

To summarize, here are some points which you could use while building your value proposition:

  1. Clear statement of what you are offering- how it will help and for whom.  Quantify the benefits.
    E.g. what percentage packaging costs does the customer save by useing your new strapping tools which save material?
  2. Use visuals to reinforce
  3. Compare competition.
  4. Highlight special offers
  5. Avoid clichés, exaggerations and meaningless  jargon

Remember that people will always rely on tangible results before they reach out to try your product. In today’s fast paced world no one has time for non performance. So if you can quantify the benefits it will bring them, your customers will feel encouraged to try out your product.

Once done do not hesitate to take an honest opinion of what people think. Like any marketing product which goes through a testing phase a value proposition needs to be tested and perfected over time.


Quite the Stir

Welcome Quite the Stir

to the Green Loris family!

Quite the Stir is a 1940’s get away bungalow in Gettysburg, PA.

Green Loris offered the wonderful folks at Quite the Stir a very easy platform to use with a brand new elegant design to match the elegance of their bed & breakfast!  We are very excited to have them aboard!


How do I set up my Website?

This is the most important step for success!

In order to have a successful website, you need to know how to set it up!  This tutorial includes:

  • Setting up your account
  • Pointing your domain name to your website

Things you need to do:

Setup your free website account!

This is very easy to do.  Simply create a username and enter your email address on the registration page.  Make sure the “Gimme a site!” radio button is marked and click. “Next”.

Your, “Site Domain” is what you want your webiste domain name to be with out the .com, .org, .edu etc.  For example, our site name would be greenloris.

“Site Title” is what you want your site called.  For our  site it would be, Green Loris.  Pretty simple, eh?

Site Privacy? Well, if you want people to visit your site, you wan’t, “Yes”.  Don’t worry though, either way, you can change this later.

PRO SITE offers you some added benefits, but you don’t need to worry about signing up now because you will start out with a free account trial!

In order to keep Cylons from registering their own websites, answer the Human Verification question.

CONGRATULATIONS! Now just check your email for you login information and you are ready to start building your website!

Register a domain name.

I really like GoDaddy for domain name registration.  Their system is very user friendly and they are very competitively priced.

Point your domain to your new site!

Now that you have your domain and you have your website, you need to link the two together!  In order to do that, you will need to add this IP Address : to your new domain’s A Record.  If you are not sure how to do that, contact the registrar’s help.

After that, go to your login area, click Tools, Domain Mapping, and enter you in the space provided!  Give it an hour or so to propagate and you are all set!


Website Planning – Answer these questions

Everyone wants to have a successful website.  What few people tend to do is define what a successful website is.  If you want a good website, you can’t just put something up and hope something happens.  You don’t go to the grocery store and randomly put things in your basket hoping you get what you need.  Well, I hope you don’t.

Define what a successful website means to you.

Imagine your website in 5 years from now. Complete the sentence: I know my website works because…

When someone visits your website, what do you want them to do?

Now that you know what you want to happen on your website, jot down some things you can do there to make it happen.

  1. I want my visitors to call me
    1. Put phone number on ever page in prominent position.
    2. Tell them when they need to call me. (Give examples of why other people have called and what you did for them)
  2. I want my visitors to give me their contact information
    1. Do you have an easy form to fill out?  Everyone hates required fields.
    2. Can you give them a reason to? Fill out my form and get a free report, 10% off next order…
  3. I want them to buy something
    1. Do you have good product descriptions?
    2. Are you connecting emotionally?

These are just a few ideas to get your brain flowing.  Once you setup your website, start planning how you can make it successful!

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