À la carte internet marketing

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Green Loris internet marketing buffet

a la carte marketing shop

Did your last internet marketing contract give you a major migraine?

Fluffed up deliverables, lengthy reports, overhead charges that you could not comprehend and at the end very little real time value?

On retrospection, your decision to play it safe and walk the mile with the marketing big shot did not bring about the results you expected and you want a change?

Welcome to the new world of marketing. Say hello to A La carte marketing.

A new way of thinking, which true to its name means you can order something from the menu the way you want it served to you. Welcome to a world of unlimited possibilities in making marketing work smartly for you.

Long term marketing contracts are passé. Not only do they consume a lot of your time and money. They bring in additional overheads so that when you cut out all the fluff you get very little compared to the big dent it makes on your budget.

So whether your needs be as big as a multiple media based marketing campaign or something as small as just revamping your website , The Green Loris la carte marketing company offers you the entire gamut of services so that you can pick and choose one based on the specific need of your organisation.

There is absolutely no need to maintain a separate marketing department to concentrate on your marketing needs. You could get the same or perhaps better results at a fraction of the money you are spending on pricey marketing consultants.

From technical support to marketing consultation on how your marketing campaign is shaping up, here are some of the services a typical A La Carte Marketing company offers:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Marketing training: train your staff on how on how to carry it forward
  • Marketing analytic : Track your marketing performance
  • Consulting Services and lots more…

You could also be facing a situation wherein you need only one of the services above to be rethought of in a new way. Maybe you have a great looking website but just want to change the content. You could easily just pick one of the services, namely web content management, get it done afresh and leave the rest of your web solution intact.

In a marketing scenario you need to be very careful about what you change.
In the 80’s Coke lost major market share when the company changed the flavour of the drink and introduced it as “New Coke” with a new look. The new flavour was rejected by the public and Coke was forced back to bring back the original taste. This is known as one of the most infamous incidents in marketing history.

In such a situation it makes sense to be careful about the change you make. If your customers identify themselves with a product, it does not make sense to change everything around it .Rather a refreshingly new approach to marketing by a selective pick and choose option is safer and makes marketing sense. Choose and change a part of your marketing solution from the entire list. Get big results without spending big.

Get smart and choose A La Carte… you have the liberty to choose a complete end to end solution or pick and choose a few products from the extensive range of offerings that the company offers.

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